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Pellet Smoke Tube

Color: Silver

Material: 304 stainless steel

Effectively diffuse flavor to food with different pellet, suitable for hot or cold smoking, compact size for carrying. Place the smoker box underneath the grill grates and above the burners to enjoy the delicious smoky aromas.


How to use: Fill the smoker tube with wood pellets(not fully), light it with torch, leave it burn for 10 minutes, once the pellets turn all black in one side, blow out the flame, the tube starts releasing smoke.


The smoker tube work with various grills and grill pellet, but the volume and time of smoking depends on the pellets and air flow. You will master its use proficiently after practicing couple times.


When it is Burning thoroughly, the pellet smoker tube produces billowing smoke through countless dense holes and diffuse it to the food. It is effective with various pellets to add different tastes, such as cherry, hickory, mesquite.

Made of 304 stainless steel, rust proof, no harmful substances produced, durable and could be reused. Please Make sure the pellet is dry before using, as it will impact the smoking quality.

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