Causes Of Hydraulic Filter Element Deformation

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The hydraulic filter element is used in the hydraulic system to filter out particles and rubber impurities in the system to ensure the cleanliness of the hydraulic system. It can be seen that the hydraulic filter element is a particularly important part of the hydraulic system.

Under normal operation of the hydraulic system, the hydraulic filter element sometimes deforms. Generally speaking, the large deformation is caused by the overload working condition of the hydraulic filter element. For example, hydraulic excavators generally need to replace the hydraulic oil after 2000h. , Otherwise it will cause system pollution and system failure.

It can be seen that the replacement cycle of the hydraulic oil filter element is generally determined by the working hours, the replacement of the hydraulic oil return filter element is 250 hours, and the follow-up is about 500 hours of work.

If the pressure difference of the hydraulic filter element is too high for a long time, the center tube will be crushed and the filter element will be deformed, which will cause the hydraulic system to work normally. If the pressure difference is always too high, the filtering effect will also be abnormal.

The hydraulic filter element is not replaced in time for too long working time is the main cause of deformation. Failure to maintain it in the prescribed time will cause damage to the hydraulic filter element. Therefore, we must pay more attention to it during use.

Hydraulic interchangeable filter elements are used to replace existing OEM filters in hydraulic systems when they become full or dirty. Hydraulic filter elements get dirty as a normal part of the filtering process and need to be changed to ensure the system is functioning as intended. Filters can also be changed to meet cleaning needs, such as when higher or lower filter ratings are desired.

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