Inline strainer type G244071 30 mesh – grey

Inline strainer type G244067 60 mesh – black

Inline strainer type G244068 100 mesh – blue

Inline strainer type G244069 200 mesh – red


Using filters prevents dirt or contaminants from making their way through the spray system. They minimize possible tip clogs and optimise the quality of your finish.

In a standard airless system, the paint passes through 3 filters before atomisation: inlet screen, pump filter and the gun filter. The first filter is the biggest, the last one, the smallest.

The size of the filter is defined by their number of mesh. The more mesh, the more the material will be filtered.
It is advised to use a smaller filter with less viscous materials (100 mesh) and a larger filter (60 mesh) with thicker materials such as latex paints.


Manifold Filters filter the paint once more before it enters the hose. Not having the manifold filter can cause damage to your gun and may puncture your hose.


If you are unsure what Filter you need, Please email us to discuss.

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