Graco Type Filters - Plastic Minir

Pump Manifold Filter 246384 /246382 Manifold Filter Works With The GRACO ST, STX, Ultra 395/495/595 Airless Sprayer.

Material: Stainless Steel Mesh/Plastic Housing

Size: Ø20 H91mm



Inline strainer type G246425 30 mesh – Grey

Inline strainer type G246384 60 mesh – Black

Inline strainer type G246382 100 mesh – Blue

Inline strainer type G246383 200 mesh – Red


This Graco easy out filter is best when used with Latex and Enamels. The ideal tip size used with this Graco Easy Out Manifold Filter is in the range of .015” to .029”. This is a vertical manifold filter, meaning that when it is placed in the sprayer, it stands up (perpendicular to the ground).

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