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Racor 2020 Series Fuel Filter Water Separator


Replacement Cartridge Filter Element for Turbine Series Filters - Racor

Size2020PM  H 244mm OD119mm  Weight0.34kg  30μm

2020SM  H 244mm OD119mm  Weight0.34kg  2μm

2020TM  H 244mm OD119mm  Weight0.34kg  10μm


Replacement Cartridge Filter Elements for Racor Turbine Series Filter Housings


Note: 2020 and 2040 SM, TM, and PM elements may be substituted with  2020N or 2040N style black endcap elements. Both element styles use the exact same media and their filtration performance is exactly alike.


If you are unsure what Filter you need, Please email us to discuss.

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